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One-Day Websites

with FREE Social Media Marketing

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Sample One-Day Sites

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How Does it Work?

5 Simple Steps

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Book your appointment for $20 down



Before your consult, Gather your artifacts. (photos, content, logo, etc.)


Talk to us during your appointment to help us understand your needs and get set up with your hosting and domain


Wait (24hrs). Once you’ve turned over your artifacts and had your consultation, the short wait begins.


We’ll contact

you to provide the link for your live site and you can start marketing to customers!

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Get a Website with FREE weekly Social Media Marketing for

$20down + $79/month

What People Say

I tried DIY and ended up with something that looked homemade. This was the answer to my problems. Excited that I can finally start sending customers to my site.

Jenn M., VA

Hi, We're Digital Cotton.

Digital Media Experts with

12 Years of Professional Experience.

Today's website is like yesterday's business card. It's how you represent yourself to customers and it lets people know you're serious. We believe that having a website should be fast, simple, and affordable. New business owners struggle trying to avoid high-priced developer fees or DIY their project to save so we've made it our mission to alleviate the burden on business owners so you can stay focused on growing your business. 


What do I get for my monthly fee of $79?

All One Day Websites come with FREE Social Media Marketing!

We'll create weekly posts and put them on the social media platform of your choice AND reinvest portions of your monthly fee to boost your posts (pay to make them reach a wider audience).


* Home Page with contact info & social media links


* About Us  page (optional)

* Appointment Booking/Shop setup (optional; additional

  charge may apply for more than 10 items)

We’ll allow a free revision once your site is public and will add one free page each month for the first 6 months if you provide the content and images.

**Your monthly package also includes hosting.***

What happens if I want to change something after my site is live?

We’ll never charge you for changing a word or two or updating your prices.


Think of your website as a living, breathing, entity. It will evolve and change over time. Our goal is to get you focused and started with running your business and making money, not fretting over setup details.

What will I be charged?

Once your site is up, we’ll charge $79/month for 12 months.

Are there additional fees for the  hosting?


Are there other services like this available?

There are certainly other businesses that offer the 1-day model. However it’s a limited few, and they charge over $1000 for their services. We believe a simple website should be more affordable than that in the digital age.

How do I get started?

Book your appointment as soon as you’re available. Please note appointments are limited for this offer.

Yes, I want to get started!

Bowie, MD 20720

Tel: 888.294.1184     |

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